STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand   *Instant Rebate $300*

STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand *Instant Rebate $300*

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The STA 06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand provides a true "rack and pinion" commercial studio grade solution.  Most photographers can immediately tell you how many megapixels their camera sensors have, but the same photographer can't tell you what's inside their crank stand or why it matters? 

A True "rack and pinion" Geared Crank Stand is often beyond the budget of a typical size studio, it sells for $3000.00-$5000.00 dollars and provides a lifting capacity of 150-200 lbs.  A "CABLE type" Geared Crank Stand is more often within the budget of a typical size studio, it sells for $500.00-$900.00 dollars and provides a lifting capacity of 60-90 lbs.

Why does it matter? 

Simply said, a true "rack and pinion" fails safe or won't allow the light to come crashing down on the user during normal operation or if the mechanism fails.  A "CABLE type" mechanism can slowly fray and break without providing the user with any warning before the light comes crashing down, on the user.  Therefore, if you care about safety in the studio or your lighting equipment, you may want to put some time into this topic.  You can also simulate the "CABLE type" failure condition with a C-stand by loading it, fully extending it and then releasing the vertical column lock knob.   

When STUDIO TITAN developed, the STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand using a true "rack and pinion", the objective, was to provide a budget friendly product which was accessible to all studios. 

The STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand offers a 110 lb lifting load capacity.  Compared to a C-Stand, it provides 6x greater load capacity than a C-Stand, which is rated for approximately 18 lbs.  A typical strobe set-up with Parabolic Modifier weighs 25-40lbs.  A typical HMI Daylight set-up weighs can weigh is much as 50-75 lbs  The STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand enables any operator to independently lift, lower, re-position lighting, safely, quickly and easily, using only ONE HAND with very little effort.  Everybody who uses C-stands can tell you a story of how they injured themselves on a shoot.  The STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand reduces hand, elbow and back fatigue that is typically associated with the unfriendly ergonomics when lifting and lowering, lightning on C-Stands. 

The STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand allows studio lighting to be reconfigured very quickly with minimum effort.  The included wheel casters are quickly locked and unlocked by foot.  The STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand legs can be folded together quickly without special tools for storage .

The STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand mechanism incorporates two separate safety braking systems. The first system is a mechanical fail safe disk brake that detects and prevents unwanted downward movement.  The second system is a user engaged rotary knob that locks the column in place.     

The STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand is manufactured with CNC machinery to ensure accuracy and dependability.  The square tube design was chosen over round tube for strength. There is more material in a 2" square tube than there is in a 2" round tube of the same wall thickness. The square tube has a stronger beam strength and is also stronger in both compression and tension, making it ideal for lifting and safely holding booms as well as premium strobes, continuous lighting fixtures and large parabolic modifiers.

The heart of the STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand is a chain rack and pinion gear drive mechanism.  The CNC manufactured gear system provides smooth movement and many years of reliable use without need for maintenance.

The low profile rolling base is ideal for use in Studio, underneath furniture, vehicles and low clearance set-ups.

Technical theory of operation:

Cable type or Wind Up Stands VS Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stands

Cable type or Wind Up Stands are the most common type of assisted stand. They typically use an internal cable or wire rope to lift the internal support columns which extend upwards .  Over time, wire cables stretch, fatigue and break, therefore wind up stands are not categorized as “fail safe” or recommended for use with professional imaging systems. 

Geared Crank Stands are designed to be “safe”.  The gear system is modeled after a more robust, industrial design where failure modes are taken into consideration. The all metal chain rack and pinion gearing system used in the STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand, provides a superior stand with high load capacity that is both dependable and safe.

• Maximum Working Height :  284 cm / 112 in / 9.3 ft * 
• Minimum Working Height : 130 cm /  51.2 in / 4.2 ft
Lifting System : Winch Gear [chain rack and pinion gear drive]
• Locking Lift : Internal Disc Brake in gearbox with additional external lock knob
• Lower Column : Square Tube - Width: 6 cm x 6 cm  / 2.36 in x 2.36 in
• Upper Column : Square Tube - Width: 4 cm x 4 cm  / 1.57 in x 1.47 in
• Diameter of Legs : 110 cm / 43.3 in
• Width when folded : 60 cm / 23.62 in
• Wheels : 3 inch with double locking system
• Material : (Column, Base Plate and Legs): Steel
• Weight : ​19 kg / 41.8 lbs
• Load Capacity : 50 kg / 110 lbs)
• Mounting Receiver Size : Junior  [Includes Removable 5/8th Spigot]   

*Including internal Extension Column   


-Junior to junior adapter  

Studio Titan America reserves the right to make product changes and improvements as required. As a result the product supplied may not be exactly as pictured or specified. 

Intended use:

This product is intended for use by professional and commercial photographers in a studio environment with a high ceiling.  The wheels are designed to be used indoors on a floor that is smooth, hard, flat and unobstructed. It is designed to be used at all times with a load (strobe or continuous lighting). This product is not recommended for use by hobbyists or in a household environment with a low ceiling or carpeted floors. Low pile carpeting or pitted surfaces are not recommended because of the increased rolling resistance which can cause the light stand to tip over.  If the surface is not ideal, the stand must be moved with caution, very slowly, using both hands one at the top and the other at the bottom to steady the stand in order to prevent the stand from tipping over. Ultimately it’s the users responsibility to understand how the stand operates and to use the stand within its specification limits, as intended, to insure their own safety and the safety of their equipment.  It is also recommended to use a short tether cable to secure the lighting to the stand in the event that the spigot comes loose or fails. Some assembly is required, we recommend using an assistant during the initial product assembly.

Assembly Instructions are inside the package. If the assembly instructions are missing or you do not fully understand the instructions stop the assembly and consider the following resources. Visit the “SETUP” area of the website for documentation. Email questions to STA or contact STA by phone for further assistance.Material composition:

The Vertical column and legs are made of steel.  The nuts and bolts are made of steel. The gear chain is made of steel. The casters are polyurethane. This product does not contain lead.

CLICK here for STA 06-200 Set-up & Use Manual: 


STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand   *Instant Rebate $300*
STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand   *Instant Rebate $300*
STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand   *Instant Rebate $300*
STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand   *Instant Rebate $300*
STA-06-200 Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand   *Instant Rebate $300*