What's our Innovation?

What’s our Innovation and why is it better?

Q: What is our innovation and why is it better?
A: SMOOTH Ball Bearing Movements
The horizontal arm and vertical carriage glide effortlessly on 24 calibrated metal ball bearings.
Smooth all ball bearing movements are beneficial when shooting with high resolution cameras and camera backs. Other stands, that don't use ball bearings have too much play and don't provide smooth movements.

Q: I already have a tripod, do I need a Studio Titan Stand?
A: In today's dynamic studio environment, a top-notch studio stand is an absolute game-changer. It's not just about offering rock-solid support for cameras of all formats; it's the key to achieving seamless and time-efficient camera positioning that outshines traditional tripods.  Imagine effortlessly taking your camera from floor to ceiling in a matter of seconds, traversing the entire studio in minutes, or instantly recreating the exact perspective you captured weeks ago—all thanks to a cutting-edge Studio Titan Stand. When it comes to speed, ease, and precision in camera support, nothing beats the modern studio stand. It's a must-have for anyone seeking efficiency and perfection in their studio work. A camera stand provides a stable platform for your camera, reducing the likelihood of camera shake and resulting in sharper images. This is especially important when using high resolution sensors which can be affected by even small amounts of movement or vibration.


Advantages of using a Camera Stand 

Choosing your First Studio Titan Camera Stand 

Choosing the right Studio Titan Camera Stand for your application