Manuals - Set-Up Videos - Dimms & FAQ's

For question about set-up, operation or applications, please email us: 

The normal response time is one to two working days. You can also contact us by phone.  We normally return phone calls same day or within 1-2 working days, not including weekends and holidays. 

Read all documentation supplied with the stand prior to assembling or operating the stand. During assembly we advise that you have an assistant. Always start by inspecting the package and all parts after delivery.

We advise using best practices:  Always use gloves, wear a long sleeve shirt and pants, safety shoes and safety glasses at all times when handling the boxes and during assembly of the stand. Work slowly and carefully to avoid any sharp edges both visible edges and edges that may be hidden from sight. When complete, double check all fasteners by hand to insure they are tight. 

We are here to help.
Please email or call.  It is our pleasure to answer your questions and guide you through the set-up process.  

Office: (647) 879-7837 


Set-up Quick Start Videos:

STA 01-360-MK2

STA 01-350MK2   [Note: Video Indicates Rotary Carriage which is not included with the STA 01-350MK2]  

STA 01-350R-MK2

STA 01-350MK2-TRI   

STA 01-350LW-10

STA 01-350LW-15

STA 06-090

STA 06-090 [Column joiner]


Set-up Manuals:

STA 01-360MK2 Set-up & Use manual

STA 01-380 Set-up & Use manual

STA C01-360 Set-up & Use manual

STA 01-350MK2 Set-up & Use manual

STA 01-350R-MK2 (Rotation) Set-up & Use manual

STA 06-090 /06-090D Set-up & Use manual

STA 06-093 /06-093D Set-up & Use manual

STA 01-400 Set-up & Use manual

STA 01-397 Set-up & Use manual

STA 01-395 Set-up & Use manual

STA 06-200 Set-up & Use manual

STA 01-500-TRI Use manual

STA 01-500-TRI-3000 Use manual

STA 01-350HB & MK2 Set-up & Use manual

STA C/01-350-TRI Set-up & Use manual

STA 01-398 Lowering Plate Set-up & Use manual

STA 06-105 Folding Arm Set-up & Use manual

STA 01-450  Set-up & Use manual

STA 06-040 Digital W/Station Set-up & Use manual











Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have a new Stand and the Vertical Carriage won't go up or down.

A: The Stand is shipped with a Transportation Set Screw that prevents Vertical Carriage movement during transportation. This screw has to be removed and replaced with the Vertical Carriage Brake Knob.

Q: I have a new Stand and I removed the Vertical Carriage Transportation Set Screw and the Vertical Carriage won't go up or down.

A: The Stand is shipped with a Counterweight Transportation securing Strap or Securing Bolt to prevent movement of the internal counterweight during transportation. The strap and bolt are located under the Vertical Column.  Refer to the Setup and use manual for specific instructions to locate and remove the securing Strap or the Securing bolt.

Q: I have a new Stand and the horizontal arm won't move left or right even when I loosen the Horizontal arm brake knobs.

A: It is normal for new carriage bearings to be stiff and hard to turn right after setup. That's because the bearings are fully pre-filled with bearing grease. The carriage bearings are a bit stiff because the grease hasn’t worn in enough. After a small amount of use it will be OK. Certain elements in the pre-filled grease will break down and allow the bearing to turn normally. Try nudging the horizontal arm gently until it moves. Place a piece of cardboard over the horizontal arms end cap and with a hammer gently tap on the end of the arm until it starts to move.