Studio Camera Stand Side Kick STA-06-090 by Studio Titan

Studio Camera Stand Side Kick STA-06-090

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The STA-06-090 is designed for the Professional Photographer and engineered for daily use. The STA-06-090 Side Kick is a Premium Stand, used for both location shooting and smaller studios.  The Side Kick weighs only 8Kg/17.6lbs making it our most versatile stand. The Side kick column material is made of STEEL not Aluminum. The side kick provides a payload capacity of 20kgs/44lbs, which is more than double when compared to other portable stands.  Stands with Aluminum columns dent, ding and scratch more easily when compared to STEEL. STEEL is stronger, 2.5 times more dense than Aluminum, less likely to warp, deform or bend under weight and force. The heavy-duty Pistol Grip Platform with attachment stud, easily guides a Camera or Strobe up or down the column.  The heavy-duty Pistol Grip includes two locking knobs. The first locking knob prevents unwanted vertical movement when set. The second locking knob secures the attachment spigot / stud. When the center column is set to the lowest position or in "Parking Mode" the side-kick remains stationary on a flat surface without locking the casters. Use "Parking Mode" when small movements are needed to find the best shooting position.  A perfect stand for fashion, portrait and event photography. One heavy-duty Pistol Grip platform with attachment stud is supplied with the stand.  Additional heavy-duty Pistol Grips are sold separately for camera + strobe or dual strobe or laptop holder configuration.

Some assembly is required, please review the set-up & use manual.

Includes essential tools required to complete assembly.

Precision-manufactured with attention to detail. 

Low center of gravity base. 

Premium Dual Stage casters provide easy movement around the studio. The dual-stage foot brake stops both the wheel from rotating and the caster housing from swivelling, preventing unwanted movement.   

Maximum evenly distributed load on level ground: 20kg/44lbs

• Total Height : 232cm / 91.3 in
• Working Height Maximum :
232cm / 91.3 in (measured from top of PISTOL GRIP to floor) 
• Working Height Minimum : 
34cm / 13.3 in (measured from top of PISTOL GRIP to floor)  
• Shaft Diameter : 
35mm / 1.378 in (material: Steel)
• Suggested Wheels : 
• Base column section approx. height : 
1105mm / 43.5 in 
• Upper column section approx. height : 
1105mm / 43.5 in
• Weight : 
8kg / 17.6lbs
• Weight Pistol Grip :
0.7kg  / 1.5 lbs
• Suggested Wheels : 
• Base Diameter : 
100cm / 39.3 in
• Recommended General load capacity :
 20kg (44lbs)
• Camera Attachment Stud :
3/8th inch - 16 thread  • Base Diameter :100cm / 39.3 in
• Pistol Grip :
distance from center of vertical column to center of Spigot: 19cm / 7.5 inches  

-Second heavy-duty Pistol Grip Platform with attachment spigot / stud

-Small accessory shelf STA-01-397U for notebook computer 

-Ball head mounting plate 3/8th thread STA-20-045

-Camera mount plate 1/4" x 20 thread STA-20-045D

-STA-01-390 3-way head

Studio Titan reserves the right to make product changes and improvements as required. As a result, the product supplied may not be exactly as pictured or specified.  

Intended use:

This product is intended for use by:

1. Professional and commercial photographers.

2. Technicians and quality control personnel. 

This product is intended for use in a studio, lab or manufacturing environment with a high ceiling, indoors on a floor that is smooth, hard, flat and unobstructed.  Please refer to the products set-up and use manual for detailed information regarding intended use, set-up guidelines and instructions. When assembly is required, we recommend using an assistant during the initial product set-up.

Assembly Instructions are inside the package. If the assembly instructions are missing or you do not fully understand the instructions stop the assembly and consider the following resources. Visit the “SETUP” area of the website for documentation. Email questions to STA or contact Studio Titan America by phone for further assistance.

Materials composition:

-The Vertical column is made of steel.  The Pistol Grip is made of aluminum alloy.  The nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel. The casters are made of polyurethane. This product does not contain lead.

 CLICK here for STA 06-090 Set-up & Use Manual

Studio Camera Stand Side Kick STA-06-090
Studio Camera Stand Side Kick STA-06-090
Studio Camera Stand Side Kick STA-06-090
Studio Camera Stand Side Kick STA-06-090
Studio Camera Stand Side Kick STA-06-090