Scissor Camera Stand STA-01-400 by Studio Titan

Scissor Camera Stand STA-01-400

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The STA-01-400 Scissor Camera Stand is compact and easy to use.  The Scissor Stand is primarily used in portrait studios and in Private Medical Surgery Practices.  It is Ideal for compact imaging rooms or studios with carpeted floors. The Scissor Camera Stand allows rapid height adjustment of a Camera, IPAD or IPHONE.  Used in low ceiling Studios, on location, office and laboratory environments.  When not in use it collapses to approximately (60cm / 24 in) for easy storage under a desk or for transport.  An air cylinder counterweight balances the load and allows single-handed operation using the hand lever.   Assembly is NOT required this stand is delivered ready to use.

Precision Manufactured with attention to detail using CNC machinery. 

High quality wheel casters are silent and provide easy movement around the studio.

 Total Height : Open: 160cm / 62.9  in  /  Closed: 60cm / 23.6 in
 Working Height Maximum : 160cm / 62.9 in (measured from Camera Plate to floor)
 Working Height Minimum : 60cm / 23.6 in (measured from Camera Plate to floor)  

• Weight : 20kg / 44lbs
 Suggested Wheels : 01-400-20-024
 Base Diameter :70cm / 27.55 in
 Recommended General Load Capacity : 8kg  (17.6 lbs)
• Camera Plate Hardware:
3/8th inch - 16 thread 

Wheel Diameter / Type: 75mm / 2.95 in / (silent wheels with bearings)
Distance Between Handles : 60cm / 23.6 in


-STA-01-390 3-way head

Note: Camera head is not included 

Studio Titan reserves the right to make product changes and improvements as required. As a result the product supplied may not be exactly as pictured or specified.  

Intended use:

This product is intended for use by:

1. Professional and commercial photographers.

2. Technicians and quality control personnel. 

This product is intended for use in a studio or MedSpa environment, indoors on a  floor or low pile carpet that is smooth and unobstructed. Please refer to the products set-up and use manual for detailed information regarding intended use, set-up guidelines and instructions.

Use Instructions are inside the package. If the instructions are missing or you do not fully understand the instructions consider the following resources. Visit the “SETUP” area of the website for documentation. Email questions to STA or contact Studio Titan America by phone for further assistance.

Materials composition:

-The Scissor column is made of steel.  The Shelf is made of steel.  The nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel. The casters are made of polyurethane. This product does not contain lead.

Note: Due to this products large size and specific packaging and handling requirements it is sold as "non returnable". 

PACKAGING with Recyclable Materials:  Studio Titan respects the environment.  When selecting packaging materials, Studio Titan prefers using materials that are recyclable to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging.  The column box blue outer plastic material is Polypropylene, abbreviated as PP, is a recyclable thermoplastic polymer widely used in many different products. PP is rugged. PP's resin identification code is 5, and it is recyclable.  Product boxes and protection edges are made using corrugated cardboard which can be recycled at depots, in municipal curbside collection programs and through private recyclers.  Internal securing foam blocks are made of PE (Polyethylene Foam) – Recyclable. Polyethylene foam products are 100% recyclable. Plastic bags are made of LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) – Recyclable plastic (check Local Authority) LDPE can be recycled. However, check with your Local Authority to ensure it is recycled in your area. This is described as a hard flexible plastic. LDPE’s identification code is 4 and it is recyclable. Yellow plastic strapping is made of PET (Polyethylen-terephthalat) – Recyclable. It is fully recyclable and commonly used in logistics. 

Recycled Materials used inside the products:  Studio Titan respects the environment.  When manufacturing products, Studio Titan prefers using raw materials that are mixed with recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact of the products. For the Aluminum components: Vertical column, Horizontal column, Legs, Die cast carriages, base, cap and head-mount plates. The typical percentage of recycled aluminum metal to raw aluminum metal is 70% recycled to 30% raw.  This globally adopted ratio provides good strength and finish.  For the Steel components like: circular or square columns, hardware, casters, gears and counterweight. We have confirmed that the steel is made up of recycled materials combined with raw materials.  We are not able to provide the actual percentage of recycled to raw on these components. Each product uses a different ratio based on its particular end use.    

CLICK here for STA 01-400 Set-up & Use Manual:


Scissor Camera Stand STA-01-400 by Studio Titan
Scissor Camera Stand STA-01-400 by Studio Titan