Scissor Camera Stand STA-01-400 by Studio Titan

Scissor Camera Stand STA-01-400

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The STA 01-400 Scissor Camera Stand provides rapid adjustment of camera height and floor positioning.  It is Ideal for low ceiling Studios, on location or low pile carpeted office environments.  The STA 01-400 is also ideal for Portrait photography of Adults, Infants, Children and Pets, because it can shoot as low as 60cm/24 inches from the ground.  Also used for B roll or a second camera in Product Photography applications as a companion to the main camera stand for product close-ups  When not in use it collapses to approximately (60cm / 24 in) for easy storage and transport. Assembly is NOT required this stand is delivered ready to use.

Precision Manufactured with attention to detail using CNC machinery. 

High quality wheel casters are silent and provide easy movement around the studio.

 Total Height : Open: 160cm / 62.9  in  /  Closed: 60cm / 23.6 in
 Working Height Maximum : 160cm / 62.9 in (measured from Camera Plate to floor)
 Working Height Minimum : 60cm / 23.6 in (measured from Camera Plate to floor)  

• Weight : 20kg / 44lbs
 Suggested Wheels : 01-400-20-024
 Base Diameter :70cm / 27.55 in
 Recommended General Load Capacity : 8kg  (17.6 lbs)
• Camera Plate Hardware: 3/8th inch - 16 thread 

Wheel Diameter / Type: 75mm / 2.95 in / (silent wheels with bearings)
Distance Between Handles : 60cm / 23.6 in


Note: Camera head is not included 

Studio Titan reserves the right to make product changes and improvements as required. As a result the product supplied may not be exactly as pictured or specified.  

Intended use:

This product is intended for use by professional and commercial photographers in a studio environment that does not require to have a high ceiling.  The wheels are designed to be used indoors on a floor that is smooth, hard, flat and unobstructed. This product is not recommended for use by hobbyists or in a household environment with a low ceiling or carpeted floors. Carpeting or pitted surfaces are not recommended because of the increased rolling resistance which can cause the stand to tip over.  If the surface is not ideal, the stand must be moved with caution, very slowly, using both hands one at the top and the other at the bottom to steady the stand in order to prevent the stand from tipping over. If the surface is not ideal, lower the load to floor level before moving the stand.  Ultimately it’s the users responsibility to understand how the stand operates and to use the stand within its specification limits, as intended, to insure their own safety and the safety of their equipment.  It is also recommended to use a short tether cable to secure the camera to the stand in the event that the head, head plate or camera adapter plate comes loose or fails. Assembly is NOT required this stand is delivered ready to use. 

Assembly Instructions are inside the package. If the assembly instructions are missing or you do not fully understand the instructions stop the assembly and consider the following resources. Visit the “SETUP” area of the website for documentation. Email questions to STA or contact STA by phone for further assistance.

Materials composition:

-The Scissor column is made of steel.  The Shelf is made of steel.  The nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel. The casters are made of polyurethane. This product does not contain lead.

Note: Due to this products large size and specific packaging and handling requirements it is sold as "non returnable". 

CLICK here for STA 01-400 Set-up & Use Manual:

Scissor Camera Stand STA-01-400 by Studio Titan
Scissor Camera Stand STA-01-400 by Studio Titan