3-way camera head STA-01-390

3-way camera head STA-01-390

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The "creepless" all-metal STA-01-390 3-way head is compatible with Cameras that incorporate a 1/4"-20 mount for connection to the head plate.  The STA-01-390 studio grade, all-metal head is designed for rapid camera set-up and adjustment.  The ergonomic rubber handgrips are comfortable and designed so the user can easily provide more tightening force.  Studio time is valuable and your Camera head should be simple to use and quick to set-up.  The STA-01-390 provides a permanent mounting surface which eliminates the possibility of a "quick release plate accident".  The head can be rotated 360°, tilted 90° forwards or 30° backwards, as well as 90° sideways for portrait orientation.  Each of the three movements function independently of each other.

"Creepless" and why is it important?  Once the imaging equipment is set and the STA-01-390 3-way head head is tightened, it remains in place whether it is for an hour a day or a week.  Other manufacturers heads can creep, ball-heads in particular due to design limitations.  Other brands provide small diameter hand knobs which are difficult to tighten.  The head, even when tight, allows the camera and lens to slowly move. Creep is more noticeable when using higher quality glass or longer lenses.  In some cases the photographer may be forced to re-shoot if the creep is severe.     

• Load Capacity :  7kg / 15lbs 
• Base Diameter :
49mm / 1.9 inches  
• Weight : 
800g / 28oz   

Material composition:

The base is made from aluminum.  Hand grips are rubber.
The nuts and bolts are made of steel.  This product does not contain lead.

Studio Titan reserves the right to make product changes and improvements as required. As a result, the product supplied may not be exactly as pictured or specified. 

3-way camera head STA-01-390
3-way camera head STA-01-390