Listen to our Customers

Aug 21, 2020


I just wanted to let you know that that the Mono Stand I ordered from you (STA-01-360) has been working great! The assembly instructions were intimidating at first but after reading everything, it was very simple! The stand has been working well and is definitely worth the purchase. Thank you for a great quality stand. The little basket tray also was a good idea. That basket has come hand many times!

Thank you!

Mr. MV

Graphic Designer/Photographer

John Boos & Co.



Dec 3, 2019

Thank you kindly again for all of your help, I appreciated the time you took to help guide me with set up  !!

Diana Sechrist Photography



Nov 19, 2019

Hi George,

Five packages came in yesterday, and the center column came in today.
Just put it together and I think it is grand! It is all that I expected. Wonderful.
New Packaging  1000% - total improvement from before
Quality of stand  1000%
It was well worth the wait for the stand. I think I'll be very happy with its performance. Feels very pro, stable, solid.



April 22, 2020

Thank you Brett and George for turning this, from an always unpleasant situation, to an opportunity to meet great like-minded humans. Brett you are very kind to offer to help us and I'm deeply appreciative of it. Although don't think I need help with the shooting, I would love the opportunity to take you out to a meal to express my gratitude, to chat photography and to talk bout how great George is. I know you live far and could plan it once we know how are day will go today. On my way to the airport now. Once I land we will have a much clearer picture. Chat soon.

Patricio Suarez