Horizontal Arm Bar with scale and end caps  1115mm Length  STA-01-350HB-1115

Horizontal Arm Bar with scale and end caps 1115mm Length STA-01-350HB-1115

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 Compatible Camera Stands:

-STA-01-360MK2 [*see note regarding reduced loading] 

-STA-C01-360  [*see note regarding reduced loading] 

-STA-C01-350-TRI  [*see note regarding reduced loading] 

-STA-01-350 [from July 1 2020 onwards] [*see note regarding reduced loading] 

To confirm compatibility please send a picture that indicates the type of interface plate located between the Horizontal carriage and Vertical carriage of your camera stand.
email: info@studiotitanamerica.com

Non-Compatible Camera Stands:




When using Horizontal Arms/Bars that are longer than originally supplied, the load capacity [camera, etc.] must be reduced.

When subjected to a load the horizontal arm acts as a cantilever which carries the mass of the load from the camera plate, as a force into the Horizontal Carriage Bearing.  As the Horizontal Arm/Bar is moved further away from the Horizontal Carriage Bearing a force amplifying effect occurs. This can have an adverse affect on the Horizontal Arm/Bar, the Horizontal Bearing Carriage as well as the overall stability of the stand. The nominal load capacity must be reduced by using the following formula:

[STA supplied published stand load capacity / [ Length of New Longer Horizontal Arm/Bar in mm / Length of originally supplied STA Horizontal Arm/Bar in mm] = new full extension load capacity 

 [ STA-C01-360= 10kg ] / [1500mm / 700mm ] = 4.6 Kg / 10.1 lbs

NOTE: This information only applies to current production STUDIO TITAN products. 

Total Length of Arm / Bar : approx. 1115mm / 43.8 in

Working Width Horizontal : approx. 955mm / 37.5 in (center of Column to center of Camera plate)
Recommended Reduced General load capacity : use formula below

[STA supplied published stand load capacity] / [ Length of New Longer Horizontal Arm/Bar in mm / Length of originally supplied STA Horizontal Arm/Bar in mm] = new full extension load capacity 
[ C01-360= 10kg ] / [1500mm / 700mm ] = 4.6 Kg / 10.1 lbs

Some assembly is required, please review the set-up & use manual.

Hex key tool is included to complete assembly.

 Studio Titan reserves the right to make product changes and improvements as required. As a result the product supplied may not be exactly as pictured or specified.  

*Before installation and use of an optional horizontal arm please read the STA_01-350HB_Horizontal_Arm_Bar_ manual.  When using an optional horizontal arm, consideration for load reduction and using additional weights / sand bags on the legs of the base are required to prevent instability or a tip over.  

Intended use:

This product is intended for use by professional and commercial photographers in a studio environment with a high ceiling.  The wheels are designed to be used indoors on a floor that is smooth, hard, flat and unobstructed. It is designed to be used at all times with a load (Camera or laptop shelf or both).  This product is not recommended for use by hobbyists or in a household environment with a low ceiling or carpeted floors. Carpeting or pitted surfaces are not recommended because of the increased rolling resistance which can cause the stand to tip over.  If the surface is not ideal, the stand must be moved with caution, very slowly, using both hands one at the top and the other at the bottom to steady the stand in order to prevent the stand from tipping over. If the surface is not ideal, lower the load to waist level before moving the stand.  We also recommend the use of a sandbag or weight attached at the base when conditions are not ideal to prevent tipping over. Ultimately it’s the users responsibility to understand how the stand operates and to use the stand within its specification limits, as intended, to insure their own safety and the safety of their equipment.  It is also recommended to use a short tether cable to secure the camera to the stand in the event that the head, head plate or camera adapter plate comes loose or fails. Some assembly is required, we recommend using an assistant during the initial product assembly.

Assembly Instructions are inside the package. If the assembly instructions are missing or you do not fully understand the instructions stop the assembly and consider the following resources. Visit the “SETUP” area of the website for documentation. Email questions to STA or contact STA by phone for further assistance.

Material composition:

The Horizontal Arm/Bar is made of aluminum. 

PACKAGING with Recyclable Materials Studio Titan respects the environment.  When selecting packaging materials, Studio Titan prefers using materials that are recyclable to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging.  The column box blue outer plastic material is Polypropylene, abbreviated as PP, is a recyclable thermoplastic polymer widely used in many different products. PP is rugged. PP's resin identification code is 5, and it is recyclable.  Product boxes and protection edges are made using corrugated cardboard which can be recycled at depots, in municipal curbside collection programs and through private recyclers.  Internal securing foam blocks are made of PE (Polyethylene Foam) – Recyclable. Polyethylene foam products are 100% recyclable. Plastic bags are made of LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) – Recyclable plastic (check Local Authority) LDPE can be recycled. However, check with your Local Authority to ensure it is recycled in your area. This is described as a hard flexible plastic. LDPE’s identification code is 4 and it is recyclable. Yellow plastic strapping is made of PET (Polyethylen-terephthalat) – Recyclable. It is fully recyclable and commonly used in logistics. 

Recycled Materials used inside the products:  Studio Titan respects the environment.  When manufacturing products, Studio Titan prefers using raw materials that are mixed with recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact of the products. For the Aluminum components: Vertical column, Horizontal column, Legs, Die cast carriages, base, cap and head-mount plates. The typical percentage of recycled aluminum metal to raw aluminum metal is 70% recycled to 30% raw.  This globally adopted ratio provides good strength and finish.  For the Steel components like: circular or square columns, hardware, casters, gears and counterweight. We have confirmed that the steel is made up of recycled materials combined with raw materials.  We are not able to provide the actual percentage of recycled to raw on these components. Each product uses a different ratio based on its particular end use.    

CLICK here for STA 01-350HB & MK2 Set-up & Use Manual: