Pre-order - Commercial Studio Camera Stand STA-01-350 MK2

Pre-order - Commercial Studio Camera Stand STA-01-350 MK2

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The STA 01-350 MK2 [updated MK2 version] is designed for commercial photography and optical measurement systems. It features a center column height reaching 240cm/94.4 inches and a horizontal arm width of 100cm/39.3 inches.  The base is heavily weighted for added stability. The STA 01-350 MK2 provides additional reinforcement of the Horizontal Arm/Bar by a newly designed heavy-duty interface plate. The plate provides two additional bolts strategically located, one on each side of the vertical carriage, for a total of 4 bolts. This new design provides additional load support and spreads the load forces from the horizontal arm into both the front and the sides of the vertical carriage. This stand is categorized as 2-axis, it provides both vertical and horizontal movement of the camera. Vertical [up/down] travel is provided by the vertical carriage. Horizontal arm / bar [left/right] extension is provided by the horizontal carriage.  Optional Horizontal Arms are available for extending the working width of the STA 01-350 MK2 even wider, out to an approximate maximum of 1350mm /54 inches (measured center of Vertical Column to the center of Camera plate).  With an optional extended horizontal arm*. The STA 01-350 MK2 is ideal for over table product imaging.  The Camera Head Mount Plate is adjustable, anywhere from 0-360 degrees around the horizontal bar/arm  

-Includes quick set foot brake plungers on left and right legs, provides quick set and release brake system.

-User positioned vertical carriage with precision smooth motion ball bearings and  secure axis lock with one user brake knob 

-User positioned Horizontal arm / bar carriage with precision smooth motion ball bearings and secure axis lock with two user brake knobs   

-Precision-manufactured with attention to detail using CNC machinery. 

-Counterweight located inside vertical column balances the load and allows single-handed operation. 

-Low center of gravity base with foot-operated brake plungers, quickly secures base and dampens vibrations.   

-Premium Dual Stage bearing casters provide easy movement around the studio. The dual-stage foot brake stops both the wheel from rotating and the caster housing from swivelling, preventing unwanted movement.   

Some assembly is required, please review the set-up & use manual.

Includes essential tools required to complete assembly.

A unique Studio Titan feature not found on other Studio Stands is the vertical and horizontal column graduated tape scales.  The measuring scales provide a point of reference which allows the photographer to log and then quickly re-create a previous set-up. 

• Total Height : 240cm / 94.4 in 
• Working Height Maximum :
220cm / 86.6 in (measured from Camera Plate to floor) 
• Working Height Minimum :
50cm / 19.7 in (measured from Camera Plate to floor) 
• Working Width Horizontal - Fully Extended to Left : 
83.5cm / 32.8 in (center of Column to center of Camera plate) 
• Working Width Horizontal - Fully Extended to Right :
83.5cm / 32.8 in (center of Column to center of Camera plate) 
• Overall Working Width Horizontal - Fully Extended from Left to Fully Extended Right :
167cm / 65.6 in (center of Camera plate to center of Camera plate)
• Width :
100cm / 39.3 in
• Weight :
50kg / 110lbs
• Suggested Wheels :
• Base Diameter :
100cm / 39.3 in
• Recommended General load capacity :
10kg (22lbs)
• Camera Plate Hardware: 3/8th inch - 16 thread 
• Includes two Camera Head Mount Plates and Basket as shown 

• Caster wheel diameter:
76mm / 3 in



-Large accessory shelf STA-01-395 for notebook computer

-Small accessory shelf STA-01-397A for notebook computer

-Leg Weight set STA 01-350LW  3 x 7Kg / 15lb/ea. bolt on internal steel leg weights

-STA-01-390 3-way head

-STA-01-398 Lowering Plate

Studio Titan reserves the right to make product changes and improvements as required. As a result, the product supplied may not be exactly as pictured or specified.  

*Before installation and use of an optional horizontal arm please read the STA-01-350HB_Horizontal_Arm_Bar_ manual.  When using an optional horizontal arm, consideration for load reduction and using additional weights / sand bags on the legs of the base are required to prevent instability or a tip over.  

Q: What is our innovation and why is it better?
A: SMOOTH Ball Bearing Movements
The horizontal arm and vertical carriage glide effortlessly on 24 calibrated metal ball bearings.  Smooth all ball bearing movements are beneficial when shooting with high resolution cameras and camera backs.
Other stands, that don't use ball bearings have too much play and don't provide smooth movements.

Q: I already have a tripod, do I need a Studio Titan Stand?
A: In today's dynamic studio environment, a top-notch studio stand is an absolute game-changer. It's not just about offering rock-solid support for cameras of all formats; it's the key to achieving seamless and time-efficient camera positioning that outshines traditional tripods.  Imagine effortlessly taking your camera from floor to ceiling in a matter of seconds, traversing the entire studio in minutes, or instantly recreating the exact perspective you captured weeks ago—all thanks to a cutting-edge Studio Titan Stand.  When it comes to speed, ease, and precision in camera support, nothing beats the modern studio stand. It's a must-have for anyone seeking efficiency and perfection in their studio work.

Product Updates:

-MK2 version introduced Mar-2021 with the following enhancements:
-50% increase in material wall thickness of the vertical column from 3mm to 4.5mm for increased strength and reduced flex. 
-Added heavy-duty interface plate on the horizontal bar/arm carriage plate for increased strength.
-Stop pin added to the top of the vertical column prevents the counterweight from over-traveling upwards.
-Added quick set foot brake plungers on left and right legs, provides quick set and release brake system.
-Added Hand Lever adjustable, 360 degree range of movement camera head mount plates on the horizontal bar/arm. This feature allows the camera head mount plate to be angled or positioned anywhere from 0-360 degrees around the horizontal bar/arm.  
-Increased precision of horizontal and vertical carriage bearing assemblies. Tighter tolerances provides noticeably smoother moving carriages [less play] on both vertical and horizontal columns.

Intended use:

This product is intended for use by:

1. Professional and commercial photographers.

2. Technicians and quality control personnel. 

This product is intended for use in a studio, lab or manufacturing environment with a high ceiling, indoors on a floor that is smooth, hard, flat and unobstructed. It is designed to be used at all times with a load (Camera or laptop or both).  Please refer to the products set-up and use manual for detailed information regarding intended use, set-up guidelines and instructions. When assembly is required, we recommend using an assistant during the initial product set-up.

Assembly Instructions are inside the package. If the assembly instructions are missing or you do not fully understand the instructions stop the assembly and consider the following resources. Visit the “SETUP” area of the website for documentation. Email questions to STA or contact Studio Titan America by phone for further assistance.

Material composition:

The Vertical and Horizontal columns are made of aluminum.  Counter weight is S20C steel.

The nuts and bolts are made of steel.  The casters are polyurethane. This product does not contain lead.

Note: Due to this products large size and specific packaging and handling requirements it is sold as "non returnable". 

PACKAGING with Recyclable Materials:  Studio Titan respects the environment.  When selecting packaging materials, Studio Titan prefers using materials that are recyclable to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging.  The column box blue outer plastic material is Polypropylene, abbreviated as PP, is a recyclable thermoplastic polymer widely used in many different products. PP is rugged. PP's resin identification code is 5, and it is recyclable.  Product boxes and protection edges are made using corrugated cardboard which can be recycled at depots, in municipal curbside collection programs and through private recyclers.  Internal securing foam blocks are made of PE (Polyethylene Foam) – Recyclable. Polyethylene foam products are 100% recyclable. Plastic bags are made of LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) – Recyclable plastic (check Local Authority) LDPE can be recycled. However, check with your Local Authority to ensure it is recycled in your area. This is described as a hard flexible plastic. LDPE’s identification code is 4 and it is recyclable. Yellow plastic strapping is made of PET (Polyethylen-terephthalat) – Recyclable. It is fully recyclable and commonly used in logistics. 

Recycled Materials used inside the products:  Studio Titan respects the environment.  When manufacturing products, Studio Titan prefers using raw materials that are mixed with recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact of the products. For the Aluminum components: Vertical column, Horizontal column, Legs, Die cast carriages, base, cap and head-mount plates. The typical percentage of recycled aluminum metal to raw aluminum metal is 70% recycled to 30% raw.  This globally adopted ratio provides good strength and finish.  For the Steel components like: circular or square columns, hardware, casters, gears and counterweight. We have confirmed that the steel is made up of recycled materials combined with raw materials.  We are not able to provide the actual percentage of recycled to raw on these components. Each product uses a different ratio based on its particular end use.    

CLICK here for STA 01-350MK2 Set-up & Use Manual
Pre-order - Commercial Studio Camera Stand STA-01-350 MK2
Pre-order - Commercial Studio Camera Stand STA-01-350 MK2
Pre-order - Commercial Studio Camera Stand STA-01-350 MK2
Pre-order - Commercial Studio Camera Stand STA-01-350 MK2
Pre-order - Commercial Studio Camera Stand STA-01-350 MK2