The Perfect Camera Stand!! by Chris Vecchiolla on Nov 02, 2023

This is an unsolicited review of the Studio Titan Camera Stand STA-01-360 MK2. I’m a professional photographer with a small studio. I purchased the STA-01-360 for improved studio efficiency, reduction in floor clutter, and as a stable camera stand that will easily roll around the concrete floor of my studio. I did considerable research on camera stands, evaluating FOBA, Cambo, Manfrotto and Studio Titan. I was surprised how difficult it was to gather detailed info from the manufacturers websites. With one, I noted quality issues reported by users. Others had very long lead times and insufficient inventory. Some were extremely expensive. Studio Titan had none of these issues. I was able to speak directly with George Rabuzin, the North America distributor. He answered all my questions and I confidently proceeded with the purchase. I placed my order, which was readily fulfilled and shipped from Toronto to me (Boston, MA) via DHL. Everything was packed with great care. Assembly was simple, took about an hour, and instructions were clear and easy to understand. The Studio Titan STA-01-360 MK2 is a great piece of equipment. It’s incredibly well manufactured and a rock solid, efficient platform for my medium format equipment. The purchase and usage experience was so positive, I ordered other stands and accessories from Studio Titan that I’ll review separately. So in summary, if you want a good, well made camera stand at a reasonable price, buy a Studio Titan.


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