Studio Titan Side-Kick Lightening Stand Is a Winner! Highly Recommended! by Chris Vecchiolla on Nov 06, 2023

I purchased 4 (qty) Side-Kick stands with double pistol grips for my studio.

3 of the stands are dedicated to 1x3' WestScott LED Flex Lights for headshots. The 4th is a dedicated clamshell beauty light setup with one ProFoto B10X and 20.5" Beauty Dish on top, and one B10 with a ProFoto 1x3' strip soft box on the bottom. When not in use for clamshell beauty, I remove the bottom B10 with Strip Box and use the top B10x Head as a high power bounce light off my white studio wall/ceiling.

I chose these Side Kick stands for several reasons.

Like all other Studio Titan Equipment I own, they are well made. The stands can disassembled for use on location. The stable base has a high load capacity, reasonable footprint (don't overload!), and rolls easily on my studio floor. The center column is steel and won't dent if I over-tighten a super clamp.

The pistol grips make it fast to raise/lower the B10 heads, and once set can be locked in place. On my Beauty Dish stand, I also added 5.5" Pistol Grip extenders on each grip to further offset of the B10 heads from the center column. On this same stand, I also added a 3rd Pistol Grip to hang a 10lb shot bag as counterweight.

With the 2 light clamshell beauty setup, it's easy and fast to move the stand closer/father from the background to lighten/darken the seamless.

I'm very happy with these stands and they are in daily use.

I would purchase additional Side Kick stands in the future and recommend these to other photographers.


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