STA 06-090D Side Kick Camera Stand Dual Pistol Grip

Thank you!!!! Thank you!!
I received the fabulous camera stand this morning (Sunday).  When I arrived home after church - it was outside my door. I brought it to my studio and put it together with my husband, EASILY!!! I have three sandbags and a very light camera, so it's PERFECT for me. 
I am the happiest lady in America! You made my month or five months! I honestly  have been waiting for FOUR or five months for this!
I can hardly wait now for my shoot of three little dancers this Friday. No more kicked tripods! No more struggling with the legs if I want to go up or down two inches. No more awkwardness and I might even add a small fill light to the stand down the road. 
Sooo happy, I can't stand it. 😊

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