Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand STA-06-200 | Rock Solid! by Chris Vecchiolla on Nov 06, 2023

I purchased this Studio Titan Rack & Pinion Geared Crank Stand STA-06-200 for dedicated use with a Parabolix 35" Modifier with Omni LED continuous light, on a 84" Parabolix Quad Boom with 15 lb Shot Bag counterweight.

This Studio Titan crank stand replaces and greatly improves upon a Avenger 11' Roller stand previously used for this large, cumbersome, speciality lighting setup.

The STA-06-200 is VERY solid and well made.

The roller base, support column, Rack and Pinion gears are extremely strong with no flex or play. The stand rolls smooth and easy on my concrete studio floor. Most importantly, I can raise/lower the fully loaded Parabolix Boom very precisely and lock in place for 100% safety of all those on set. The rack and pinion crank completely eliminates the risk of the heavy stand slipping and severely injuring my hand when raising/lowering.

Shipment was fast via DHL from Toronto to Boston with all items extremely well packed. Assembly was easy and instructions were well written, accurate with text and pictures.

It's an excellent upgrade for my studio, which improves efficiency and conserves valuable floor space.

I'm 100% satisfied with the STA-06-200. I would buy another in the future and can confidently recommend this stand to others with a similar need


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